Frequently questions

1. Do I need to obtain insurance?

No. All passengers are automatically covered by Civil Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance.


2. Is it necessary to use a helmet?

CE approved helmets are provided to each passenger, mandatory for use by Law. Helmets are cleaned and disinfected after each use, but we also provide a disposable cap for hygienic reasons.


3. Is the sidecar certified and safe?

Absolutely. The sidecars are legal and regulated by the government. They comply with all the European Community safety regulations.


4. What is the minimum age to go on the sidecar or bike?

The minimum age to ride on a motorcycle (with or without sidecar) in Portugal is 7 (seven).


5. Can I drive the sidecar?

Our drivers/guides always drive the vehicle, so you can enjoy the ride without any worries.


6. How can I make a reservation and how far in advance?

The sooner you make your reservation the better. You can always check the availability by using our phone number or reservation form. Contact link


7. How many people can be transported on a motorbike with sidecar?

Besides the driver/guide two people can be transported in the vehicle: one in the sidecar and the other on the bike, behind the driver’s seat.


8. Can I make a reservation for a group?

SideRide Tours is willing to provide an exclusive, customised service. Therefore, you can make a reservation for a maximum of 4 people (in 2 sidecars).


9. Does SideRide Tours provide other services than tours?

SideRide Tours wants to be with you in the most important moments of your life: wedding, birthday, parties or any other events:
Email us at info@side-ride.pt or call (+351) 911 911 388.


10. Should I wear any specific clothing?

Doing a tour does not require any specific kind of clothing. However, it is always a good idea to bring a jacket.


11. Will my tour be cancelled if it rains?

SideRide Tours provides wet-weather gear that you can wear when it is raining. However, in case of adverse weather conditions the tour will be cancelled (free of charge).


12. What is included in the tour price?

The price of each tour includes all insurances and rates, as well as all security and protection equipment. This excludes expenses of personal nature such as meals, drinks, or entry fees.


13. How can I offer someone a tour with SideRide?

SideRide Tours provides elegant gift vouchers that you can request on our website, email or phone number.


14. Where does the tour begin and end?

The tour may begin and end in any place in Porto agreed upon booking.


15. Do I have to pay for the tour in advance?

SideRide may request 20% of the tour value upon booking. The remaining payment should be done at the moment of the tour.